A social club for women change makers dedicated to reclaiming joy and prioritizing play

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Who are we?

We are Leaders: professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.

We are Changemakers across multiple disciplines & industries from women changemakers in financial, legal, medical, STEM, business, entrepreneurs, and other fields.

We are Waymakers in our communities.

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." Let’s plan & plot for the next generation of changemakers. Join us in creating a world where women change makers. We know the twists and turns of balancing a bustling work life with the yearning for joy and play. Picture us as the experienced pals who've got your back, cheering you on as you reclaim your joy and make space for what truly matters.

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What You Get Inside Modern Charm School


Embrace Your Style


Connect with Community


Rediscover Your Joy

What you will experience in Modern Charm School

Monthly Themes and Action-packed workshops


Join us for monthly themes and lively workshops that spark joy and action. Picture a room buzzing with smart, stylish women, all reaching for their goals. Our workshops are LIVE, interactive, and led by Judith – no pre-recordings, just real-time empowerment. All workshops are recorded and available in our private podcast. We love you #teamreplay.

Mentoring & Coaching Calls

Mentoring & Coaching Calls: Imagine having a friend on speed dial for work advice, family strategies, or fashion emergencies. With weekly mentoring calls, keep the momentum going. Get personalized guidance on everything from style to leadership, connect with fellow high-achievers, and learn from shared successes.

Monthly Style Inspiration


Dive into size-inclusive, shoppable style boards each month. Discover what to buy, where to shop, and step out ready to conquer the world beyond your closet. Because you can be beauty & brains, smart & stylish.

Early Ticket Access to Yearly Live Events


Elevate your experience with exclusive yearly live events. Imagine immersing yourself in a weekend of connection, inspiration, and celebration with fellow change-making women. It's not just an event; it's a transformative experience, a chance to amplify your joy and chart a course for the year ahead.

Do you struggle with...

Balancing the demands of a high-achieving career or entrepreneurial venture with a desire for joy and play in your life?

Feeling isolated or lacking a supportive community of women who understand the unique challenges faced by change makers?

Prioritizing self-care and reclaiming joy amidst a busy schedule filled with responsibilities and expectations?

Finding the confidence to embrace your authentic style and personal brand, both personally and in professional settings?

What My Students Are Saying

the motto: confident women leave legacies 


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  • Action-packed workshops
  • Monthly Style Inspiration
  • Mentoring & Coaching Calls
  • Modern Charm TV
  • Private Member Podcast

Here's how it works

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Sign up for Modern Charm School and instantly become part of a vibrant community of women change makers.

Step Two Dive into the Monthly Theme:

Immerse yourself in the monthly theme, attend lively workshops, mentoring calls, and explore size-inclusive style inspirations.

Step Three Unlock Exclusive Events:


Elevate your experience with early ticket access to our yearly live events – a transformative weekend filled with connection, inspiration, and celebration with change-making women.

When you join, you also get immediate access to all of the past workshops...


Style Workshops: Spring & Style




Goal Setting Palooza


Glam Camp

At Modern Charm School, we get the hustle of high-achieving women craving joy. That's why we're here – a dynamic social club where you can confidently embrace your style, connect with a supportive community, and rediscover your joy. Let's make your journey not just successful but joyfully empowering.


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