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A private online social club dedicated to high-achieving women who want to learn more about style, generating wealth, leadership, and leaving a legacy

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Our Mission & Vision

We envision a world where women can earn more, take initiative, show courage, be determined, and leave a legacy all while stylishly dressed.

Legacy builders write their own personal stories, rewrite their families' stories, and change the direction of an entire generation.

This is the world we want to create and live in.

Which is why we created the pillars of Modern Charm: Wealth, Gumption, & Legacy.

At The Modern Charm School we believe in updating traditional charm school subjects so that they reflect the hearts, minds, and desires of modern high-achieving women.

We believe:

Beauty is for all women of every size, shape, color, and age.

Elocution is about how to advocate for yourself and those around you

Poise is rising up and standing tall in the face of adversity

Pluck and Gumption is about leading with initiative, determination, and courage

What My Students Are Saying

the motto: confident women leave legacies 

Andrea Teeter

"I've been celebrating and decorating my body. This is something I didn't know was available to me-and I cannot thank you enough. I've been painting my nails-which I'm lovvvving. My nails were my starting point... It felt safe to decorate them and make them delightful to my eyes. Getting used to loving the look of my hands nudged me slowly putting lovely things onto the rest of my body."

Ashley Wolfe

"Loving the live calls. The look books are great because it takes the guesswork ou tof any style decisions I might not be making for myself. I love the community!"

Carrie Marshall

"We do the makeover before you hit the goal because you show up so much better for yourself and for your life when you love who you are. Don't wait for the right size, right thing, the right place, invest in yourself and know it is going to be absolutely worth the investment."

Details & Exclusive Membership Benefits


Action-packed workshops

Imagine stepping into a room filled with smart, stylish, and successful women all working towards their goals. The workshops are LIVE and interactive. No pre-recording here. We teach you a concept, you take immediate action, and Judith is there to answer your questions in real time.

Our workshops are carefully curated to help our members reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. From mastering the art of networking to building a timeless wardrobe, our workshops cover a wide range of topics designed to empower and inspire. All workshops are recorded. We love you #teamreplay.


Mentoring & Coaching Calls

 What if you could really just phone a friend? Need help with what to say during that upcoming meeting, how to navigate an awkaward family encounter, or what to wear to your next speaking gig? We've got you.

Each week we have mentoring and coaching calls. These calls help you keep the momentum and accountability. You'll receive personalized advice on everything from style to leadership. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other high-achieving women, share your experiences, and learn from their successes.

We are a community of doers and builders on a mission to change generational stories. We don’t consume information. We get to work.


Modern Charm ™ TV

Intentional Intelligent Entertainment

That is the heart and mission behind Modern Charm Tv. It is so easy to go down the tik-tok rabbit hole or doom scroll endlessly... it kind of feels productive.

Instead, we wanted to create something for all of you. Something both entertaining and intellectually stimulating, charming yet subversive. A place to retreat to that keeps you in this world of Modern Charm TM

Enter... Modern Charm TV, intentional and intelligent entertainment. From bring the hostess to the mostest to how to dress for that themed party, we've got you covered.


The Private Member Podcast

 As a high-achieving woman, you're always on the go, and we get it.  You're in the carpool line, in airports off on adventures, in the gym, commuting, writing patient notes, etc... A community of doers is on the move. That's why we've created a private podcast just for our members, so you can take your learning with you wherever you are. Imagine being able to listen to our expert coaches wherever you are. (And you can listen on 2x speed. Haha!) With weekly episodes covering everything from style tips to networking strategies, you'll be ready to tackle any situation with poise and grace.


More Testimonials from Past Students or Members

what the Charmings are saying

Krystal S.

"Miss J's tools helped me move forward. Help me move from my frumpy sweats and free T-shirts to an amazing, stylish even chic wardrobe that accentuates what is uniquely me. She did all of it with kindness, grace, humor and just the right amount of tough love when I needed it."

Jill Angie

"It was the little things that I didn't even realize we were going to do that had such a huge impact."

Karine Havard

"I started to have fun dressing myself and taking it in a lighter approach. The salsa music in the "clean up" workshop was a breakthrough for me. I;m using it to bring my mood up when chores are aligned."

Hi, I'm Judith Gaton

About Me 


I craved more than the usual conversations about style and wealth, so I created a space for women like me AND YOU.

I am a smart cookie (Doctorate, Master Certifications, Author, Fashion Design Degree...) My clients are smart cookies. They are diverse, hilarious, and are so much more than fruit shapes. (You are not a damn apple or pear!)

That's why I created Modern Charm School. So the smart cookies could talk about style in an elevated way, AND about the things that really matter like building a legacy and having more than enough.

That is how the FOUR pillars came to be.

It was important to me that Modern Charm School have a framework that lead with style, but was so much more. In the words of my client, Dr. Matthea "It's women that are trying to achieve bigger things and frumpy is holding them back. ...This is the room where you are doing bigger things and you need to figure out the Style Part.

So here is to all of our Stylish beginnings... Join us.

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  • Action-packed workshops
  • Mentoring & Coaching Calls
  • Modern Charm TV
  • Private Member Podcast

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and get 2 months free!

  • Action-packed workshops
  • Mentoring & Coaching Calls
  • Modern Charm TV
  • Private Member Podcast

When you join, you also get immediate access to all of the past workshops

Bra Workshops

Waiting on the other side of the Modern Charm School curtain are the Spring Style Workshop, Fall Trends Workshop, and The Bra Workshop.

All the stuff the smart cookies weren't told about style, body image, and BRAS! It is all waiting for you inside. We use the Modern Charm School TM Makeover Method to make style simple & doable. These interactive workshops have you doing much more than flipping through Pinterest images or scrolling Instagram for inspiration. We teach you the basics and you go take action.


Behind every high-achieving woman is… a pile of important shit waiting to be done. Documents to be sorted, clothes to be donated, and an inbox of full of spam to be deleted.

A virtual workshop dedicated to decluttering, deleting, and de-janking. Make space to create and go after your Gumption-Filled Goals.

Glam Camp

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
So let's make history together.
This 2 Day virtual event took place in January 2023. It was a game changer. We covered everything from: Real Estate Investment 101, Diamonds 101, Red Lipstick to Owning the Room and How to Overcome Imposter Phenomenon.
It is where high-achieving women learn to own the room so they can confidently build legacies. You are allowed to be the Beauty & the Brains. Let’s design a life where the outsides match the incredibly rich life you live on the inside.

Goal Setting Palooza

Whether you are team “always moving the goal post” or team “give up in a fit of overwhelming perfectionism,” we’ve got you. Learn how to set goals without the procrastination, overwhelm, or perfectionism.



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